Using the 2 together was never possible, until NOW...


say more in video

Allow your customers to discover your product line and interact with your presentations, by simply pushing any of the available options to play..


to better show your products

Get the chance to give your customers an improved experience! Introduce them to your company in a fun interactive catalog!


invitations & greetings

Why limit yourself to a simple text when you can add video to your greeting or invitation card?! PIM gives you the most creative well-designed cards for all your occasions!


custom-built just for you

We know how hard it is to write the perfect line to your customers. Add the PIM solutions to your gift boxes and say it yourself!

magazine ads

a bold new way

No more static advertising pages. Take the chance today to market your business in any magazine using our interactive magazine advertisement technology!


let the customer view you in a new light

Attract your customers to any given product, by strategically placing an EPD in your store that plays a loopinganimation – watch your sales soar!

trans. LCD

to show 2 things at once

Have your product in the background while playing a descriptive video in the foreground. This allows the viewer to visually absorb the static product while experiencing the dynamic display.

video tags

present yourself in a whole new way

A modern twist to the nametag! Upload your video or photos to this portable device to let your personality shine when worn around your neck.


interactive products

From every day use products to annual gifts, we'll take your company to the next level. Increase the interaction, add video and sound to whatever crosses your mind.

The options are